Pre-order 'Bioshock Infinite' on Steam, get Original 'Bioshock', 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' for free

Bioshock InfiniteWhile we're super busy trash-talking BioShock Infinite's release strategy, let's talk about how awesome BioShock Infinite and its release strategy are. If you're buying the game for PC, you really have no excuse to not buy it on Steam because of the rewards that have come down.

That's right, with your purchase of the $59.99 BioShock Infinite, you get the original Bioshock and alien invasion strategy game and FEZ favorite XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free. Spectacular. Yeah, I'd buy the new game to own the old Bioshock yet again because of the new fidelity I'd be enjoying it in (I played all games pre-2011 on a 27″ CRT, mind you). As for XCOM, just gift the thing if you already own it. These kinds of promotions are amazing but also slightly tragic: purchasing XCOM last year for full price netted me Civilization V, which I have yet to download, much less install and play.

Well, get your pre-order on!

Source: Steam

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