Elder Scrolls Online Previews: Crafting in Tamriel Revealed

Elder Scrolls OnlineWell folks, it is finally here: a firsthand look at Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online. This past week we got to play the game for a long while at Zenimax Online Studios and crafting was in there. We stumbled upon it, brewed some Dawnstar Ale and cheered! From what we have seen so far, the Crafting system does not disappoint. With ingredients and additives available all over for players to find, the system encourages experimentation. Also the breakdown of Crafting Professions is very much Elder Scrolls at heart. So let's take a full look.

What can you Craft?

The professions are: Provisioner, Enchanter, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, and Alchemist. These five cover everything that you can make in the game. You will get Crafting points which you can distribute to the skills. The team said that you can Master two skills or have a decent base in all five. Being an MMO with guilds and a world economy, it makes the most sense to master two of the five. However, if you are a true solo player, you can do all five, just not as well as the masters.

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