ChefVille 'Who's the Head Chef' Quest: Everything you need to know


While you might be busy working on the Romantic Picnic event in ChefVille, you also might have noticed the launch of a golden trophy in the very bottom right corner of the gameplay screen. This trophy goes along with the game's new "Head Chef" feature, which will see you completing challenges by cooking dishes that fit into specific themes. We're here with a quick guide to this "Head Chef Challenge" feature, so let's get started!

Beef Chef

  • Click on the Head Chef Trophy Icon

  • Earn 1 Point on the Head Chef Beef Challenge

  • Earn 15 Points on the Head Chef Beef Challenge

Again, the Head Chef Trophy Icon is located in the bottom right corner of the ChefVille menu, right next to the inventory box. When you click on it, you'll see the game's first challenge. This challenge asks you to cook as many dishes as you can using Sirloin Beef, with each dish cooked translating to one point earned.

As you cook dishes, you'll be able to compare your progress against that of your friends via the challenge leaderboard, and you'll receive freebies in the form of Energy, Thymes, and Salts if you cook Sirloin Beef dishes in bulk. For this particular quest, you'll need to earn 15 points on the leaderboard, which gives you five energy as a reward.

You'll only have six days to earn as many points as you can by cooking with Sirloin Beef, but if you can reach 50 points in total, you'll receive seven Thymes, while 150 points will give you 10 Salt. If nothing else, these (we assume) weekly events will be an easy way to earn the first of three rewards, since you likely cook more than 15 times with Beef in a typical seven day period anyway.

If you're desperate for those Thymes or Salts, you'll need to decide whether they're worth "wasting" so much Sirloin Beef that you might not be spending otherwise. Plus, next week, the challenge will likely change and offer new prizes or require new items to be cooked / purchased, so we can't look at this as a permanent challenge either. This Head Chef feature definitely seems like something that's better ignored than something that you should dedicate time to completing, but that's ultimately up to you.

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What do you think of this Head Chef feature in ChefVille? Will you spend time working to complete these challenges, or do you already have enough to do in your virtual restaurant? Sound off in the comments!