ChefVille 'Tastes of India' Quests: Everything you need to know


You might have noticed the new Indian land expansion that has appeared on the outskirts of the ChefVille game board, which requires you to earn 38 Mastery Stars on the Curry n' Spice Stove to unlock. At the time of this expansion's launch, the Curry n' Spice Stove wasn't even available, but you can now start working on earning those Mastery Stars via the appliance's launch in our game. Thankfully, this new "Advanced Indian Cooking" event isn't timed (for now), so you can take your time completing these quests at your own pace.

The event's first quest set, Tastes of India, has three quests to complete, and we're here with a guide to doing just that, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The Curry n' Spice Stove

  • Place and Finish the Curry n' Spice Stove

  • Tend 6 Neighbors' Poultry Butchers

  • Harvest from Basmati Rice Crates 3 Times

First things first, the Curry n' Spice Stove can be placed via this quest window and unwrapped using three energy. Once you've unwrapped the item, you'll need to collect a variety of building materials to finish it off. You'll need five Masala Dabbas, five Chakla Belans, five Tavas, five Ginger Graters, and five Pot Handlers. These items are earned via a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to your neighbors.

As for the Basmati Rice Crates, they are available to purchase in the store for 200 coins. They too require three energy to unwrap, and you'll need to collect seven Basmati Rice Bags in order to finish this item off. These are earned via a general news post on your wall, but unfortunately, news feed posts are basically broken as of this writing. Still, when you finish the Basmati Rice Crates and complete this entire quest, you'll receive two Coriander, four Chicken, and 20 XP.

Everybody Spice Now

  • Collect 8 Dough Boards

  • Collect 7 Coriander

  • Cook Roti with Vegetable Curry 5 Times

The Dough Boards can be earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you, while the Coriander can be earned by collecting from the Spice Cabinet. This Spice Cabinet is another new building project that costs 500 coins in the store to purchase. After spending three energy to unwrap the Spice Cabinet, you'll need to finish it off by collecting five Spice Drawers, eight Spice Drawer Handles, and five Spice Cabinet Frames.

As you might expect, these building materials are earned through another set of individual requests sent out to your neighbors and general requests posts on your wall, while the Roti with Vegetable Curry can be cooked inside the finished Curry n' Spice Stove. When you complete this quest, you'll receive two Turmeric, four Energy, and 30 XP.

The Spice is Right

  • Have 8 Spicy Recipes

  • Give Chef's Service with Egg Biryani 8 Times

  • Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Mushroom Pulao

The Spicy Recipes are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the other two dishes can be cooked in that Curry n' Spicy Stove over time. When you complete the final quest in this series, you'll receive two Instant Thymes, four Basmati Rice, and 80 coins.

Remember, if you're trying to complete these quests shortly after launch, you'll likely run into some technical issues that make them impossible to complete without spending Chef Cash. Hopefully, Zynga will fix these issues sooner, rather than later, and we can get back to cooking and mastering dishes as normal.

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