CastleVille 'Cultivating Courage' Quests: Everything you need to know


As players make their way through the 'Give Them Wings' quests in CastleVille, they'll quickly unlock a brand news set of quests from Sal, the talking fish. There are four quests in Sal's "Cultivating Courage" series, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

A Top Tip

  • Place the Pedestal of the Statue of Courage in your Kingdom

  • Clear 4 Grass

  • Plant 5 Grapes

You don't need to do anything to the Pedestal to complete this quest, other than simply place it in your Kingdom. You'll therefore be able to complete this quest within a matter of minutes, and you'll receive 1,000 coins and 20 XP when it's done.

Building Confidence

  • Build the Statue of Courage

  • Craft 2 Flaming Swords

  • Have 3 Feathered Wings

The Statue of Courage can be built using three Sands of Fortitude, six Stone Blocks, two Bronze Bars, and five Shells. The Sands are earned by posting a general news item on your wall, while the Shells can be earned by simply asking your friends to send these to you outright.

Meanwhile, the Flaming Swords are created using Amber, Alchemist's Powders, and more. Finally, the Feathered Wings can be earned at random when tending Chickens in your Kingdom. You'll receive another 1,000 coins and 20 XP when you finish this quest.

A Brave Effort

  • Upgrade the Statue of Courage

  • Have 3 Gems of Daring

  • Purchase 5 Flowers

The upgraded Statue of Courage can be unlocked by gathering three Sands of Fortitude, three Steel Bars, one Iron Pick, and three Geodes. You can earn the Geodes by asking your friends to send them to you. The Gems of Daring are also earned by asking your friends for them, via a general news post on your wall.

You'll receive yet another bundle of 20 XP and 1,000 coins for finishing this quest.

The Final Stretch

  • Complete the Final Upgrade of the Statue of Courage

  • Collect 5 Pails of Water

  • Craft 4 Brain Food

The final upgrade to the Statue of Courage requires three Mortar, five Bronze Bars, five Gold Bricks, and five Aquamarine to create. These items can all be either crafted or collected in your own Kingdom, so you won't have to ask your friends for any of them. Of course, you might have to ask friends for ingredients to build these materials, so keep that in mind as you go along.

As for the Brain Food, this is created using three Barrels, five Pumpkins, three Horns, and one Butter. Each one takes just five seconds to create. You'll receive five Pegasus Power Feed, 1,000 coins, and 20 XP for completing Sal's little detour quest line. Good luck!

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What do you think of this series of "Cultivating Courage" quests in CastleVille? Have you already unlocked them in your Kingdom, or are you still waiting for Sal to appear to start them? Sound off in the comments!