EA spruces up The Sims FreePlay with Livin' Large update

To say that The Sims FreePlay was already an expansive experience would be an understatement, as iOS and Android gamers have been able to live through the eyes of their virtual Sims for over a year, building and decorating homes, having children, throwing pool parties, and undertaking careers, among many other features. Now, gamers will be able to do even more in the free-to-play mobile Sims game, as the Livin' Large update is now available to download.

This Livin' Large update comes packed with new features, starting with the ability for players to now have up to 31 Sims. Those Sims are going to need a place to live, so players can also interact with the "twice-as-big-beachfront" and decorate it with new interior and exterior design options.

If your Sims are looking for a change of career, they can now become movie stars or real estate agents, and if you've already reached Level 30 or beyond, you'll now start leveling up faster than before! What's more, a new "automatic cleanup" feature will allow gamers to spend more time actually playing The Sims FreePlay, rather than constantly cleaning up their Sims.

The Livin' Large update is now available to download across the iOS and Android versions of The Sims FreePlay, so make sure to update your game as soon as you can to try out these new design themes, careers, and more!

Download The Sims FreePlay on iOS >

Download The Sims FreePlay on Android >

What do you think of The Sims FreePlay and this new Livin' Large update? What's your favorite part of The Sims FreePlay overall? Sound off in the comments!

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