Making a Pokemon MMORPG: The Pokemon

Pokemon mmoThis past week brought some great news in MMO gaming, just none involving Pokemon. Luckily MMO Attack is here to once again bring you a future look at what could be the best MMORPG ever fathomed. There are endless reasons supporting the transition of such a great franchise, and our goal is to make Nintendo realize that! So before you go off needing a pokeflute, let's jump right into Part 2 of Making a Pokemon MMORPG.

Last week I discussed how well Pokemon already fits into an MMORPG setting. One of the most fitting qualities discussed was giving fans of the series the chance to finally catch every pokemon in one game, rather than transferring them from one generation of gameplay to another. It takes a lot of time and money for developers to figure out how to build an original pet system in a massive world, which is a big reason why many MMORPGs fail to incorporate such an idea. Amazingly though, what other MMORPGs struggle to achieve has actually already been captured through Nintendo's handheld accomplishments.

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