European Mystery: Scent of Desire - Review

European Mystery: Scent of DesireEuropean Mystery: Scent of Desire takes you on an amazing journey in French countryside while you are trying to solve the dreadful murder cases and uncover the killer!

European Mystery is the latest Hidden Object Adventure game (and a new series, we guess?) from Blam! Games. Blam! Games is now one of the top hidden object game developers who from times to times, deliver us with high-quality games and European Mystery is another one of them. European Mystery: Scent of Desire has a really interesting detective-story, on the way you will be able t collect notes which will be added to your Journal. These notes slowly reveal the secrets about the killer and his intention, a great way to build to up the suspense.

The graphics in European Mystery although are at times a little bit foggy, are detailed and amazing to look at. The quality of the cut scenes are top-notch, characters are well designed and the videos run flawlessly. The soundtrack of the game is relaxing and suits the European theme of the game extremely well.

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