Draw Something 2 is coming, and Ryan Seacrest has it before you


UPDATE: Zynga New York head Dan Porter has confirmed that Draw Something 2 is on the way, tweeting its logo in response to Seacrest.

One of the most popular mobile games of all time is poised for a sequel, according to Ryan Seacrest. (Yes, we're as surprised

Draw Something 2
Draw Something 2

as you are to have to cite the host of American Idol as a gaming news source.) The long-time host of the iconic reality show tweeted what appears to be the first-ever public image ofDraw Something 2 (almost guaranteed to be) by Zynga New York.

"I somehow convinced them to give me #DrawSomething2 first...this may be the best Mariah & Randy have ever looked,"Seacrest tweeted recently to over 9.2 million followers. Of course, the tweet came with an admittedly impressive portrait of Idol hosts Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey.

The image shows off a revamped interface that looks tailored to the taller iPhone 5 and the trend of generally larger smartphones (i.e. the Samsung Galaxy series). This sequel looks as if it will include a number of new visual effects including backdrop patterns, sparkles and new brush effects and colors.

That's all we can gather about Draw Something 2 right now. As to why Zynga went with Ryan Seacrest and not Nicki Minaj, we haven't a clue in the slightest. At least it would have made for one colorful doodle.

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