The Planet's Luckiest Places

Charging Bull statue New York

Let's face it: A river of green beer, or getting caught in an emerald-colored parade aren't going to do much for your luck this St. Patrick's Day. Instead, invest some greenbacks in getting to one of these auspicious sites, which have been drawing down-on-their-luck pilgrims for years. If all else fails, you'll have twisted your travel fate just by getting there.

Charging Bull, Wall Street

Granted, this guy seemed a bit beefier before the economy tanked in 2008. But the 7,100-pound bronze Charging Bull sculpture on New York's Wall Street still draws daily droves of tourists. Up until 2011, visitors liked to rub the bull's nether regions for good luck. Then officials barricaded it off amidst Occupy Wall Street furor. Hey, you can have your photo taken today, and consider yourself lucky it's not a real bull.

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