EA releases a new version of Scrabble on iPad, along with a sale price

Just weeks after giving Scrabble a complete overhaul on Android, EA has done the same to the iPad version of the game, as it has given the game new features and a "visual makeover" that players should appreciate.

This new version of Scrabble on iPad has been optimized with better HD graphics that take advantage of the large iPad display, and it also gives players the chance to login via either Origin or Facebook. What's more, the game screen has been reorganized so that the chat window or dictionary can be open alongside the game board at all times, and the new "Teacher" mode allows you to see what your best move could have been, hopefully helping players better their word-making skills into the future.

Perhaps the best part of this new experience, however, is the ability to place tiles on the board even when it's not your turn. This gives you the chance to perform some trial and error as you try to find the best word for your next turn, and it should hopefully increase the speed of games in the process. While there's no guarantee that your opponent won't use the tile spaces you were planning to use, this is still a great way to visualize your next move without wasting a lot of time. Rounding out the package is the new Super Chat window, which features emoticons, time stamps, autocorrect for spelling mistakes, and a general spell check feature.

If you've yet to purchase the premium version of Scrabble HD, now is the best time to do so, as EA has lowered the price of the game to $0.99 in honor of its makeover. The price will jump back up to $2.99 after March 20, so make sure to buy the game now if you're interested.

Download Scrabble HD on iPad for $0.99 >

What do you think of the changes and improvements in this new version of Scrabble on iPad? Sound off in the comments!

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