Prove your cooking talents in Order Up!! To Go's Fortified Chef challenge

After releasing Order Up!! To Go on iOS back in January of 2012, Chillingo has updated the game with a brand new Fortified Chef challenge, allowing gamers to go head-to-head against other virtual chefs to see whose culinary talents are really the best.

If you're new to Order Up!! To Go, the game challenges you with creating dishes step-by-step, as you do everything from leafing lettuce, to grilling burgers and bacon, to filling up drink cups. As you cook dishes, you'll earn review points for your restaurant, and you'll need at least 100 points to unlock the Fortified Chef portion of the game. This will ensure that you've mastered the game's controls and dish preparation before being thrown to the wolves.

Once you've unlocked the Fortified Chef competition, you will head into a culinary arena to compete against NPC chefs over multiple rounds. Clearly inspired by the Iron Chef television show, this event sees you cooking dishes with very specific ingredients, including spices. Your opponents will cook the same dishes, so it all comes down to your skill ratings with each step along the way.

The Fortified Chef competition is a free addition to Order Up!! To Go, so if you've previously played the game but simply ran out of things to do, make sure to sharpen those (virtual) knives and head back in once again.

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