Duck & Roll's rhythm game fun goes free on iOS


In the world of stuffy talking ducks, a teenage duck named Jeff Duck decides to rebel against his parents' love of classical music by becoming the greatest rock duck that's ever performed. In Duck & Roll, gamers will complete rhythm based play as they tap on stars that appear from the bottom of the screen, making sure to always tap on stars in time to the music. Released in November, Duck & Roll's price hovered at $1.99, but now, the game is free to download and play on iOS.

Created by the folks at Wild Factor, Duck & Roll offers a story-based rhythm game experience, rather than just a game that presents you with a list of songs and sets you loose. Levels start on the easy difficulty, but progress through two harder difficulties as you go along. Regardless of the song, you're presented with a comic book style background and star outlines that appear on the screen to warn you when you're going to be required to tap, which is incredibly helpful for those that might have never heard of the tracks in the game.

The difficulty level increases not only in the rate that stars appear on the screen, but you'll quickly unlock stars that require you to tap and hold or even tap and slide your finger around the screen. Accuracy ratings will give you points based on your timing, and you can replay stages if you'd like to increase your previous high score.

If you love Duck & Roll, additional songs are available to purchase for $0.99 each, so the entire experience isn't technically free. Still, there are only a few solid rhythm game options on the entirety of the App Store, so we'd suggest giving Duck & Roll a look now that the game is free.

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What do you think of Duck & Roll? Do you like playing rhythm games on your mobile devices, or would you rather leave those experiences to home consoles? Sound off in the comments!

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