Feed Om Nom more candy in Cut the Rope: Experiments Ant Hill pack


After a successful launch on both iOS and Android, Cut the Rope: Experiments is back to suck away your free time once again with the new Ant Hill level pack. This pack will see you feeding even more candy to Om Nom, otherwise known as the cutest thing ever.

There are 25 new levels in the Ant Hill pack, and as the name might suggest, the pack introduces a new element to the game: ants! Now, in addition to just cutting ropes and allowing gravity or momentum to bring the candy to Om Nom, you'll be able to utilize a line of running ants that can carry the candy the rest of the way for you, delivering it straight to Om Nom's open mouth.

While this stream of ants might seem to make levels easier, you'll still need to work out how to get the candy to the ants in the first place, and don't forget: there are three stars on every stage that must be collected in order to really finish everything off.

Cut the Rope: Experiments may cost $0.99 to download, but believe us: it's worth that purchase price. Since the game is available on iOS, Android, and even Nook, you likely have some sort of device that can play the game, and we highly suggest you do just that. Or, you can just check out the trailer for the new update below, that's cool too.

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What do you think of this new Ant Hill level pack in Cut the Rope: Experiments? What other sorts of themed packs should ZeptoLab release for the game in the future? Sound off in the comments!