Slots Frenzy hopes to be king of the slot machine games on iOS

Let's face it: Slot machine games are the new "bubble shooter," as there are dozens of games to download and try on iOS or even play for free on Facebook. It takes something pretty special to stand out from the pack, and the foils at indie developer INZMORE think they've created just that with Slots Frenzy.

Slots Frenzy is now available to download for $0.99 on iPhone and iPad, which actually immediately puts the game behind the pack since so many other games are free. Still, the game offers something many other games don't, as its machines can be played on up to 40 lines each, where the norm seems to be 30. Machines in Slots Frenzy come in a variety of themes, from Monster World and The Wild West to Arabian Knights, a magical Fairy World, or even Basketball.

Only a few machines are available at the beginning, but more are unlocked over time. Each comes with its own special symbols on the reels and bonus games to complete, like one in the Dragon Ville machine (for instance) that sees you tapping on eggs to uncover the prize(s) inside.

Slots Frenzy doesn't look that fancy graphically, but sometimes it's the simplest of games that provide the most fun. If you're ready to see if Slots Frenzy can top the big names in the slot machine genre on iOS, make sure to download the game now on iTunes.

Download Slots Frenzy on iOS for $0.99 >

Have you tried Slots Frenzy? If so, how do you think the game compares to other slot machine games on iOS? What's your favorite slot machine game? Sound off in the comments!

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