Hothead Games unleashes Rivals at War on iOS, Android


While Hothead Games may be best known for its mobile hit Sea Stars, the developer hopes to top even itself with the launch of its latest title, Rivals at War, on iOS and Android. Rivals at War offers military shooter / strategy gameplay that even includes a touch of card collection as players work to conquer the battlefield.

There are six soldier types available in Rivals at War, from the Commanders and Snipers to the Radiomen and Medics. Each soldier may have access to a different variety of weapons and skills, and it's the proper combination and utilization of these units that will see you earning the most victories. Tactics cards can be applied to battles to help you out along the way, and 45 in-game achievements are up for grabs as you work to prove your military prowess.

It looks like much of the gameplay in Rivals at War will see enemy teams competing over key objectives that highlight with each team's colors, and players can enter combat with others all around the world thanks to the game's localization in 10 different languages. Customization options even allow players to deck out their units in new uniforms, headwear and special badges, while power-ups skill perks can be applied to units to enhance their Speed, Defense, Health, and more.

Rivals at War can now be downloaded for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Check out the trailer above for a look at the game in action.

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