FarmVille 2: Retired trees return for a limited time


If you're new to FarmVille 2, or you're simply a virtual farmer that's filled with regret after not purchasing a tree in a previous limited edition theme, you might be happy to learn that Zynga has re-released a series of trees from retired item themes to give you a second chance at adding them to your farm. There are only five of these trees currently available in the store, and they'll only be available for another short limited time, but we're here with a look at these trees either way.

Blood Orange Tree (Bewitching Bounty Items) - 12 Farm Bucks
Pinon Tree (Southwestern Spice Items) - 12 Farm Bucks
Yucca Tree (Southwestern Spice Items) - 12 Farm Bucks
Crabapple Tree (Fall Harvest Items) - 12 Farm Bucks
Sugar Maple Tree (Fall Harvest Items) - 12 Farm Bucks

As you can see, these trees take us back in time quite a bit, all of the way to October of last year. It's always possible that additional retired trees could be re-released in the future as well, depending on how successful these are with farmers. For now though, these five trees will only be available in the store for another four days. If you want them, make sure to purchase them sooner, rather than later, before your second chance goes away!

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What do you think of these retired trees in the store? Are there any other trees that you would like a second chance to purchase? Sound off in the comments!