FarmVille 2 Mushroom Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know

In honor of the launch of the Mushroom Shed in FarmVIlle 2, a series of three new Mushroom filled cooking recipes has been added to the game's Crafting Kitchen. While these recipes may not go along with an item theme in the store, you'll still need to create a few of them if you want to complete all of the Mushroom Shed quests that have been, and will continue to be released over the next few weeks. We're here with a complete look at these new recipes to help you out. Let's get started!

The first recipe is for Clamshell Mushroom Broth. A single batch of the Broth requires three Clamshell Mushrooms and one regular Broth to create. The Clamshell Mushrooms are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help, while the Broth can be created with three Water and six Onions per batch. You'll receive 10 XP for each Clamshell Broth you create, and you can sell a single one for 1,540 coins.

The second recipe is for Portobello Mushroom Pie. This one requires four Portobello Mushrooms and one Pie Crust to create. The Portobello Mushrooms are earned through more individual requests sent directly to your neighbors, while the Pie Crust is made using two Flour and one Stick of Butter. You can sell a single Mushroom Pie for 2,100 coins, and you'll receive 16 XP for each one you cook.

Finally, the third recipe is for Chanterelle Mushroom Souffle. This recipe requires three Chanterelle Mushrooms and six Eggs to prepare. Yet again, the Chanterelle Mushrooms are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. When you crate a single Souffle, you'll receive 8 XP, and you can sell each one for 1,360 coins.

These recipes will only be available to cook for the next 24 days, which is the exact same time limit for the overall Mushroom Shed event. We'll continue to bring you guide to finishing the rest of this large Mushroom-themed feature in FarmVille 2, so stay tuned for more!

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Have you already started cooking these three Mushroom dishes in your Crafting Kitchen, or will you wait for a quest to specifically tell you to do so first? Sound off in the comments!