LEGO City: Undercover download requires an external Wii U hard drive

LEGO City: UndercoverIf you intend to download the digital version of LEGO City: Undercover for the Wii U, you may want to pick up an external hard drive. Early reports (via Eurogamer) indicate the open-world LEGO game weighs in at massive 22GB. This has led to the publisher warning potential buyers.

"An external hard drive is required to download this software," the game's official site cautions. "Visit for information about storage options."

As acknowledged on Nintendo's support page, the basic 8GB Wii U console has just 3GB of free space after installing the mandatory system software. Those who own the 32GB Deluxe Set have approximately 25GB of free space available, so while it is possible to squeeze the game onto it, you may have to clear some space if you have previously downloaded other software or apps.

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