Hands-on with Marvel Heroes: characters, crafting and more

Marvel Heroes A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly out to San Francisco to visit Gazillion Entertainment's office. I was there to see the changes to Marvel Heroes -- a top-down action game in the mold of Diablo II. The man at the helm revolutionized that style of game, as David Brevik (CEO of Gazillion) made Diablo II. So it only makes sense that Marvel Heroes feels like a spiritual successor when you play it, all while having its own flavor.

While visiting Gazillion, I was given an inside look at the creation process behind the game, got to play high-level content with any character I wanted, tried the new crafting system, and just plain had fun. Here's what I took away from the game...


Gazillion is bringing the Marvel universe to life in a way that's never been attempted. The developers are drawing upon every medium to design the world and the characters within it. Let's take Iron Man as an example. The team has hi-res assets of all of the Iron Man suits from the films. Then, through a lot of meticulous work, they bring it down to a scale and resolution that works with their animations and the game. Movies aren't the only thing that the team draws upon to design the characters and their skins. From comics to cartoons, everything within the Marvel universe is at their disposal.

I can't stress enough the amount of care that is going into Marvel Heroes. The team is made up of Marvel fans. Just sit down with them and talk comics, and you'll see what true fans they really are. So it makes sense that the details into character animations, art design, level design and costumes are so extremely high.

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