FarmVille 2 Lonely Yorkshire Pig: Everything you need to know

It's been a while since we've been greeted with a tiny, shy animal in FarmVille 2 that we have to work to lure into the farm, but now we've been given that opportunity once again. In keeping with the game's recent launch of pigs and the Mushroom Shed, a not-so-tiny Yorkshire Piglet has appeared on our farms. We'll have the next 11 days to complete a series of tasks to unlock the Piglet as a permanent addition to our farms, and we're here with a guide to help you do just that!

Yorkshire Pig Quest:

  • Fix Marie's Wheelbarrow

  • Collect 3 Pig Treats

  • Craft 8 Apple Scones

The Wheelbarrow comes into play as soon as this event begins. Marie is visiting your farm with the wheelbarrow, but it breaks as soon as she arrives. You'll be able to fix it by collect 10 Wheel Axes, 10 Lug Nuts, and 10 Wood Planks. After that, it looks like you'll need to ask four friends to help you finish off the item before Marie can take it back.

As for the Pig Treats, these are earned by completing some of the eight new pig quests that have launched on our farm. The first sees you harvesting Blueberries, feeding Sheep, and crafting some basic items, so you should have no real problem earning the three Pig Treats within the 11 days we have available.

Finally, the Apple Scones are created with six Apples and one Batter each. Batter, of course, comes from Flour and Wheat, so make sure you grow Wheat as often as possible to have constant access to Batter on your farm.

After you've completed these three lengthy tasks, you'll earn the right to call the Yorkshire Pig your very own. Just remember, he'll leave your farm if you can't complete them, and it's unknown whether you'll ever have a chance at him again if you can't lure him in now. Good luck!

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