Duke Nukem 2 slinks back into the spotlight with iOS adaptation

Duke Nukem 22011's Duke Nukem Forever was, well, kind of a disaster. Critics and the series' fans all hated it, and it was widely believed that the Duke would shuffle off to the Old Game Mascots' Home and trade cigars with Bubsy the Bobcat until the sun set on his tumultuous life. As it so happens, the '90s' best-known alien killer isn't ready to go gentle into the good night (what a surprise): 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment are giving him another chance to shoot up everything that moves with an iOS adaptation of Duke Nukem II.

The original Duke Nukem II hit the PC in 1993. It featured more of the action-packed, side-scrolling running and gunning that made the first game such a hit. iOS gamers are a nostalgia-hungry bunch, so it makes sense for 3D Realms and Interceptor to bring us a mobile adaptation of the Duke's, er, better days.

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