ChefVille 'Spring in Your Step' Quest: Everything you need to know


As part of the new "Spring" series of Catering Orders in ChefVille, players can now upgrade their Party Platter Stations to unlock a variety of new dishes. These dishes offer Mastery Stars outside of Catering Orders, but some of them may also be required for cooking to complete these Orders themselves. We're here with a look at the game's new "Spring in Your Step" quest, so let's get started!

Spring in Your Step

  • Upgrade Party Platter Station

  • Start the Garden of Eatin' Catering Order

The Party Platter Station can be upgraded to the Intermediate level using five Serving Tongs, four Chafer Wicks, four Dish Display Cards, and five Ornate Dish Covers. The Serving Tongs and Ornate Dish Covers are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends, while the Chafer Wicks and Dish Display Cards are earned by posting general news requests to your feed.

Once you complete the upgrade to the Party Platter Station, you'll unlock five dishes:

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Cedar Plank Salmon
Salad Skewers
Bread and Cheese Dip
Mini-Quiche Pies

As for the Garden of Eatin' Catering Order, thankfully, this task just asks you to start the order, rather than actually finish it. If you have no interest in Catering in ChefVille, you can simply start the order and then hit "Quit Order" to stop the in-game timer from counting down. If you are interested in completing the other, however, make sure to check out our guide to doing so. Good luck!

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