Top 10 MMORPG expansion packs

The video game industry is constantly innovating the way player's experience MMO gaming. Some games have achieved enough reputation to warrant monthly subscription fees, while many increase in popularity after joining the free-to-play race. Regardless what MMORPG tickles your fancy, it probably has undergone many changes through additional content known as expansion packs.

Some expansions merely add bonus content, but many make changes to gaming mechanics and add increased leveling capabilities. With a majority of MMORPGs releasing additional content at one point or another, there's a horde of expansion packs that have inspired an invigorating passion toward online gaming. With no pun intended, here are 10 of the most game-changing MMORPG expansion packs ever released.

10. Menace of the Underdark (D&D Online)

Dungeons and Dragons OnlineDungeons and Dragons Online was a decent game during its early years, but it really takes off utilizing the Menace of the Underdark expansion module. With the new expansion came Epic Destinies; a way for players to experience improvements and journeys five levels higher than the usual cap of twenty. Along with a handful of adventure packs that include brand new locations, players are granted extra points to purchase additional pets, spells, and quests. Lastly, where would the famed franchise without the Druid class? Menace of the Underdark makes the list because it finally added the essential Dungeons and Dragons class the game had been always missing.

9. Sentinels Fate (Everquest 2)

Everquest 2The sixth expansion in the Everquest 2 lineup brought quite an influx of content. Sentinels Fate was like Christmas Day for most Everquest 2 fans. As if the addition of over 2000 items wasn't enough of a gift, players can find joy undertaking up to 400 new quests while fighting, and probably running from, hundreds of newly added monsters. Throw in over ten new dungeons and an increased level cap from 80 to 90 and you get an explosion of content that most MMO games would never dream of coming close to.

8. Rise of Zilart (Final Fantasy XI)

Final Fantasy XIAmerican players were lucky to be given Rise of Zilart with the national release of Final Fantasy XI, so they have no idea what they might have missed out on if given the chance to start when the game originally launched. In fact, this expansion is easily the reason the game finally made it to the states. Rise of Zilart incorporated beasts known as hyper notorious monsters; now a staple in Final Fantasy online group experiences. New missions helped improve endgame goals for already dedicated Japanese players while providing three essential classes: the Ninja, Dragoon, and Summoner. Many classes have been added to FFXI over the years, but none quite as utilized as the Ninja (dual wield ability) and Summoner (mana boosts). New zones, an increased level cap, and an improved soundtrack helped propel Final Fantasy XI to the top of the MMORPG food chain, where it's fan base is still strong.

7. Riders of Rohan (Lord of the Rings Online)

Lord of the Rings OnlineIt might be difficult allowing such recent release to be regarded so highly, but Riders of Rohan has succeeded at improving what is already one of the most popular MMORPGs in the gaming industry. Characters can now advance to level 85 and take part in an extremely innovative combat system utilizing mounts. Players are granted the ability to obtain a War-steed and progress learning skills that are exclusive to their class and the game's new mounted combat. Now you and your friends can take down the entire cavalry of Warbands and truly experience the horse backed mayhem portrayed in the famous Lord of the Rings stories.

6. Scars of Velious (Everquest)

EverquestWhen a game has had nineteen expansions in its lifetime, developers have clearly been doing something right. With never ending content being added to the series, choosing just one expansion over the rest seems almost impossible. Over the years though, Everquest fans have spoken loud and clear, coming to an agreement that Scars of Velious can't be beaten. A new sect of dragons may not seem like much, but when it comes to MMORPGs, sometimes you just can't beat huge dungeon adventures full of intense dragon battles. The expansion also finally introduced Giants and Dwarves to the huge fantasy universe. With many new locations supporting an influx of raid possibilities, Scars of Velious gave the MMO gaming community a fresh experience that was unparalleled during the time of its release.

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