Project Gotham Racing 5 to launch with next Xbox? Rumors abound!

PGR4In a meticulously crafted thread over at NeoGAF, poster TheOddOne has compiled a long list of hires to UK-based Lucid Games and Rare. Why? Because all of these artists, designers and engineers have had a hand in the past decade's best racing games. From Criterion to Codemasters and beyond, the two studios are snapping up talent in what's quickly rumored to be a new co-developed Project Gotham Racing game. I'll take it.

It simply wouldn't be an Xbox launch without a Project Gotham game at the helm, which seems a little tragic considering the franchise has been dormant for the past six years. Everyone knows – perhaps you as well – that the series has been a desperate need of my heart for some time, especially after the demise of Bizarre Creations, the developer that handled the series. Racing exotic (or mundane) cars through exquisitely-detailed urban areas lined with cones or in straight up races gets me going and it's been so long. Codemasters' GRID 2 looms on the horizon and may satiate my need for speed, but a true Project Gotham game is what my heart desires.

Make it so, engage.

Source: NeoGAF via VG247

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