MyVegas goes green with St. Patrick's Day festivities

St. Patrick's Day has come to myVegas in a big way this week, as the MGM sponsored slot machine game on Facebook now features a new character named Seamus that has lost his lucky charms (Shamrocks, of course). Once you jump into the game, you'll need to play the Excalibur slot machine for a chance to find those missing Shamrocks, with massive rewards being available for those that can get the job done before March 17.

If you can find Seamus's Shamrocks, you'll receive a special Pot of Gold bonus containing $50,000 in virtual Chips! What's more, the myVegas fan page now also offers players a chance at something special, as it's quickly approaching the 1 million "Like" mark. If the page can hit 1 million Likes on or before St. Patrick's Day itself, 10 lucky players will receive the ultimate jackpot: a free bundle of of 1 million Chips.

Finally, bonus Chips are being offered with every real-money purchase of Chips within the game. While the purchase prices of all Chip packages have remained the same, you'll receive more Chips for that same amount of money. For instance, the $5 package normally offers $5,000 in Chips, but it now offers $8,000. As you might expect, the more money you spend, the more of a bonus you'll actually receive, but this deal will only be available for a limited time.

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What do you think of these Chip bargains or the Chip contests in myVegas? Will you take advantage of this sale and stock up on free bonus Chips? Sound off in the comments!

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