Leaked Star Wars: First Assault footage shows gameplay we may never experience

Star Wars: First AssaultStar Wars: First Assault is a game that first popped up last year. While LucasArts has never officially announced it, box art for the game indicated it would be release on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Fast forward a few months later -- with Disney having now acquired LucasFilm -- and we're beginning to get more details surrounding First Assault, which is now described as a multiplayer shooter that may never actually see a release.

Kotaku has been running articles all week about the game which is said to be in limbo since Disney's acquisition of LucasFilm and yesterday they posted what looks like leaked footage of Star Wars: First Assault. Two videos were actually posted, the first being a pre-rendered intro to the trailer that shows a first-person view of a Stormtrooper putting on his helmet.

The second video is a bit more revealing giving us our first look at a game we may never get to play. The video (found here) is said to contain real gameplay footage; you can clearly see stormtroopers and rebels battling across various Star Wars locations. It's unclear what stage of the game this footage was captured from, but it does look a little rough around the edges. Perhaps the delay is to polish things up a bit?

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