ChefVille Aftertaste: I'll take Shamrocks over Ribbons any day

With two major game updates in ChefVille, we've seen Zynga shy away from just offering limited edition Mastery Ribbons in favor of collectible items that work to build large projects within our restaurants. In the game's Chinese New Year event, players worked towards building a Chinese New Year Dragon by collecting Fortune Cookies. Now, in the St. Patrick's Day event, we've seen the release of Golden Shamrocks that are used to build a Lucky Rainbow. The question is: is this format better than those with Mastery Ribbons?

In my opinion, the answer is a definite yes. Let's face it: the point of Mastery Ribbons is to encourage players to continue cooking a very limited selection of dishes in association with a series of themed quests. However, as we've said before, when Ribbons are earned for cooking rather than Mastery Stars, it makes much of our effort for nothing, especially if we can't earn the required number of Ribbons to complete the events before they expire. In that very likely case, you'll have wasted tons of time building appliances and cooking stalls, not to mention wasting ingredients, for dishes that you'll likely never cook again.

With these Shamrocks and Fortune Cookies though, we've seen almost a complete separation of the building projects and the dishes themselves. Sure, cooking themed dishes allows you to earn those collectibles like Golden Shamrocks, but you aren't penalized for not cooking a specific number of each type of dish, and you certainly aren't stripped of any Mastery Stars you might have earned in a normal appliance.

No, these events seem to do it just right. If I want to cook a ton of Potato Cabbage Soup in the Luck o' the Irish Stove because it's quick and has easy-to-earn ingredients, I can cook that dish as many times as I'd like, all while still earning two Golden Shamrocks per serving. Even after I've earned all of the Mastery Stars for that single dish, I'll still earn those Golden Shamrocks. There's nothing forcing me to cook lengthier dishes like Corned Beef and Cabbage, which also have heftier ingredient requirements.

If this is a wave of the future for ChefVille, that sees Mastery Ribbons lessened in importance or even removed from the game altogether, I'll definitely be on board. This feature strikes a great balance for me, and I'm sure many other chefs. We can earn Mastery Stars all while still completing limited edition events, which is all I (we?) really wanted anyhow.

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What do you think of the Golden Shamrocks or Fortune Cookie events that have been launched in ChefVille? Would you rather collect these sorts of items instead of Mastery Ribbons? Sound off in the comments!