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Though it's difficult to measure, leadership is one of the most important areas to look at when assessing companies. Visionary leaders can make all the difference in industries where there is little competitive advantage to be won. Business strategy, capital allocation, and employee culture vary from company to company, but they start at the top. In this excerpt from our premium research report, we take a closer look at Pandora Media's leadership.

Pandora is led by CEO Joe Kennedy, who joined the company in 2004 from E-LOAN, where he served for five years as chief operating officer. Before that, he was the VP of sales, service, and marketing for Saturn, where he helped grow the brand to over $4 billion in revenue and established it as No. 1 in customer satisfaction in the industry.

Founder Tim Westergren still plays a key role in the company as chief strategy officer. Before starting Pandora as the Music Genome Project, Westergren spent 20 years in the music industry as an award-winning composer and musician. Westergren created Pandora in part to help emerging artists find an audience, and he considers himself the company's chief evangelist.

Pandora's management is rounded out by Chief Technology Officer Tom Conrad, who is in charge of product management; CFO Michael Herring, who previously served as the CFO of Omniture; Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble, who oversees advertising operations; and Chief Marketing Officer Simon Fleming-Wood, who joined Pandora in 2011 after serving in a similar capacity at Cisco.

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