UberStrike brings free first person shooter combat to iPad, Android


When gamers think of "first person shooters," the words free-to-play likely aren't the next thought. It turns out that there's a huge market for free to play shooters though, as Cmune's UberStrike has amassed over 10 million players on the web (the game is available on Facebook, for one). Now, this free-to-play first person shooter is available to download on both iPad and Android tablets, opening up the world of futuristic combat to so many more gamers.

UberStrike sees players choosing from a variety of maps and gameplay modes as they tear each other to pieces with a slew of modern weaponry. Upgrades are available for purchase in the store, or players can simply level up their established character by continuing to play the game.

Since FPS games tend to have fairly complex controls, the folks at Cmune have accounted for that with a "multi-touch" control option for the new tablet versions of the game. According to Cmune, this will cut back on the pain players might otherwise have in their thumbs or arms after long sessions.

While new players are definitely encouraged to try UberStrike on iPad or Android, existing players are being given some incentive to do so as well, as the developer is promising all players a free Particle Lance for two weeks if they review the game on either iTunes or the Google Play store (regardless of the review's rating). Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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