StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm: Rush on with these cheats and tips

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm cheats tips
StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm cheats tips

Chances are, you're already knee deep in purple goop, impaling fools in StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm on your PC or Mac. But are you tearing Terrans and Protoss limb from limb the best way? Probably not, but the almighty Internet is here to help, and we're here to harness its limitless power of information. Here are three of the best sources for SC2:HotS cheats and tips from around the web.


You know the rest. Yes, this version of StarCraft has clever little cheat codes, too, and Gameranx has them all in one convenient place. Just remember that, for as long as these cheat codes are in place, you'll earn zero experience points and achievements. With that, here's just a little taste of what cheat codes HotS has in store:

  • 5,000 Minerals - Type: stroaksmolts

  • 5,000 Minerals and Gas - Type: smoldersbolds

  • 5,000 Vespene Gas - Type: realmendrilldeep

Check out them cheat codes here >

Do Zerg Commanders Read?

Well, Kerrigan was a human before she was left for dead, so in this special case, absolutely. Of course, that wouldn't matter since you clearly can. And IGN has some serious reading for you to do with an exhaustive wiki and walkthrough section. Just about everything you need to know about the newest StarCraft 2 is right here.

Get learned right here >

For your Inner Masochist

Like punishing yourself? Luckily for you, SC2:HotS has a "Brutal" difficulty setting for its campaign. That punishment a little too harsh? Luckily for you, GamesRadar has a detailed walkthrough for this particular campaign setting in the works. Just give the guy some time--he's doing you a favor, after all.

Begin to beat it on "Brutal" here >

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