With Solitaire Blitz, a fun card game finally makes a splash on iOS

Solitaire Blitz iOS
Solitaire Blitz iOS

UPDATE: Solitaire Blitz is now live on the App Store. Go download it for iPhone or iPad here.

Breaking the fourth wall a bit, I'll just come out and say it: Card games aren't my cup of tea. I find them rather boring. No, that's not to say this editor is all "explosions and dragons or GTFO," but there is a need for a little flair for the fantastic. Leave it to PopCap Games to deliver with Solitaire Blitz. You've enjoyed it on Facebook, and now it's headed for iOS devices.

Pocket Gamer reports, and PopCap announced as much on its Solitaire Blitz Facebook fan page, that the game has soft launched in Canada. In other words, PopCap and EA are using Canadian players as sort of an open beta test in order to iron out any kinks before launching in the wild world of the global App Store. (Well, however many languages is releases in.)

However, the game seems to be currently unavailable on the Canadian App Store, so perhaps a Canadian test launch was a smart move.According to Pocket Gamer, this version of Solitaire Blitz comes equipped with all the trappings of the original as well as achievements ... and a dastardly energy system. At any rate, this test launch seems to suggest that a wider release isn't too far off. That said, PopCap's iOS version of Bookworm Heroes seems to be in Canadian limbo as well.

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