Puzzle & Dragons packs a greater punch with Version 5.0 update

If you're like us, you can't get enough of GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons, the iOS and Android game that mixes Bejeweled and Pokemon into one incredibly fun experience. Whether you've been playing the game for months or have just jumped on the bandwagon, the experience is set to become even greater for all of us via the game's latest update: Version 5.0.

The Version 5.0 update to Puzzle & Dragons comes with the expected bug fixes and technical gameplay improvements, but it also makes life a lot easier for players. For instance, PAL Points (those points that are earned either via daily login bonuses or by using your friends' monsters in battle) can now be spent in bulk. If you're the kind of player that saves up thousands of PAL Points, spending these on new monsters 200 points at a time can be time consuming to say the least. Now though, you can collect up to 10 monsters at once, saving time in the long run.

Furthermore, this update also gives players the chance to further expand their Monster Box and friends list. Since friends' monsters can mean the difference between life or death in a tough battle, it's great to have plenty of friends on hand. Add this to the fact that each partner monster may have a different skill to offer, and it only makes sense that we'd be given more room to collect friends just as we collect monsters.

"The 5.0 update of Puzzle & Dragons is a great opportunity for veteran players to experience new monsters and enhancements as well as a wonderful time for new players to see firsthand why over 10 million players around the world have enjoyed our puzzle RPG," said Jun Iwasaki, President of GungHo Online Entertainment America, via a company release.

If you'd like to check out the rest of what Version 5.0 has to offer, make sure to update (or just download) Puzzle & Dragons on iOS or Android now.

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What do you think of Puzzle & Dragons, and the features that come with this new update? Sound off in the comments!

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