NYC Law Bans Discrimination Against The Unemployed

Michael Bloomberg unemploymentNEW YORK - The nation's most far-reaching effort to stop employers from shunning out-of-work job applicants has become law in New York City.

The City Council voted Wednesday to override Mayor Michael Bloomberg's veto. It makes New York the fourth place in the country with some form of a law against discriminating against unemployed job-seekers.

New Jersey, Oregon and Washington, D.C., ban help-wanted ads that say applicants must be employed. New York City's measure goes further by letting rejected applicants sue employers for damages.

Advocates for the unemployed say such hiring practices are unfair, especially after years of high unemployment and layoffs.

Businesses and Bloomberg say hiring decisions are too complicated to legislate. They say the measure will lead to dubious lawsuits.

The override was anticipated. Bloomberg vetoed the measure last month.

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