Ken Levine killed Gore Verbinski's 'Bioshock" movie

Bioshock movie killed by Ken LevineIt wasn't long after Bioshock released in 2007 that rumors sailed about that a movie was being produced by Universal and to be directed by Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Carribbean and The Ring fame. Even if you felt the game was somewhat underwhelming compared to Ken Levine's previous work with System Shock 2, the idea of someone committing $150 million to bring that vision to the big screen is enough to get anyone giddy. Well, everyone except the people who were going to make it.

As Levine would explain it, at a promotional event for his new Bioshock Infinite game while in the UK no less, the movie was canned because Verbinski wanted to make an R-rated movie and Universal didn't want to spend nine figures making it. When they countered with a much smaller offer, Verbinski backed out. Levine was told by 2K that he had the last word on what happened to that movie. So he killed it.

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