GREE compares gaming to real life with this fun infographic

Mobile powerhouse GREE has pulled quite a few stats from its games as of late, giving players a chance to see just how active its games' players are. From heists in Crime City to dragon slaying in Kingdom Age, the stats prove that virtual worlds can grow to be so much more than real life, even if the game is based on real world activities.

For instance, 1,3 million allies have been added in Modern War, which is more than twice the number of total soldiers in the American army. Over in Monster Quest, 41 million monsters have been captured. Compare that to the population of New York, and each citizen could have two pet monsters each!

Other stats come in games like MLB Full Deck, Knights & Dragons, and Crime City, and you can check out the full rundown below in the fun infographic below.

Do any of these stats in GREE's games surprise you? How much of these stats do you think you personally contributed to? What's your favorite GREE game? Sound off in the comments!

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