Free-to-play model proves successful for TERA: Rising

Tera En Masse Entertainment's action MMO TERA has found new life after being rebranded and re-marketed as TERA: Rising, the same MMORPG with a free-to-play subscription model. Over 500,000 new users have registered for the game since its switch to free-to-play a little over a month ago. Thanks to the new model, TERA: Rising now has over one million total registered players.

In its current form, standard TERA: Rising players have full access to all in-game content, without restrictions, for up to two free characters per server. Consumable, cosmetic, and convenience items can be purchased from the in-game store on an a la carte basis. Although TERA wasn't the most ground-breaking MMO when it launched last year, it did offer some innovative mechanics such as its in-depth political system and real-time action combat. With no barriers to entry, it might be worth checking out now.

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