ChefVille Pink 50's Decor Items: Everything you need to know


While many ChefVille players have decorated their restaurants in the game's many blue and red 50's decor items, apparently that just wasn't good enough for Zynga, as the developer has released a brand new set of 50's decor items, this time in a bright pink color theme. The Pink 50's decor items are marked as only being available for a limited time, and we're here with a look at these items to help you out.

Pink Diner Wall - 5 Chef Cash
Pink Diner Light - 15 Chef Cash
Pink Diner Counter - 20 Chef Cash
Pink Diner Booth - 25 Chef Cash
Pink Diner Table - 25 Chef Cash
Pink Diner Doorway - 30 Chef Cash
Motorcycle - 75 Chef Cash

Unfortunately, all of these items are only available for players with deep real world pockets, as they'll easily drain your account of whatever free currency you happened to have earned while you play. If you combine them with the game's other Diner items, however, you can make a huge impact on your restaurant without going too overboard.

Hopefully, some additional items will be released for coins in the game's store, or even for free through quests or land expansions, so that every gamer can get their hands on some pink 50's decor before all is said and done. If we come across any of those opportunities, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of these expensive new Pink 50's Decor Items? Will you splurge on any of them for your restaurant? Let us know in the comments!