Developers of 'Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition' want to know which Android devices to develop for

It's crazy how we've entered this renaissance for classic PC games. Studios are either restoring the games outright or their developers are trying to relive the glory days by Kickstarting spiritual successors. Long before Mass Effect or Star Wars The Old Republic, Bioware was a humble studio making complex RPGs for Interplay. Their breakthrough was Baldur's Gate, a game that was remastered by Overhaul Games for iPad last year. Now they're turning their eyes to Android and they need your help.

See, unlike the iPad, which keeps their models largely in line as far as development goes, Overhaul needs the audience's help to determine which Android devices to best focus their energies on. I'll give you a hint: Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. I'm sure some of you kids have Transformers or Galaxy Tabs, but nah, those two and they've got it going on.

Still, you can chip in your feedback in their forum thread here. There's no ETA on when the game will finally surface, but I imagine it won't be a dreadful wait.

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