1 Retail Trend to Watch Right Now

The following video is from Wednesday's MarketFoolery podcast, in which host Chris Hill and analysts Matt Argersinger and Jason Moser discuss the top business and investing stories of the day.

Consumer spending accounts for roughly 70% of economic activity in the U.S. That's why February's higher-than-expected retail sales (up 1.1%) is being hailed as good news.

In this segment, our analysts delve into the retail industry in general and share why online spending is benefiting not only Amazon but also traditional retail companies such as Nordstrom and Dick's Sporting Goods .

Amazon may be the king of the retail world right now, but at its sky-high valuation, most investors are worried it's the company's share price that will get knocked down instead of its competitors'. We'll tell you what's driving the company's growth and fill you in on reasons to buy and reasons to sell Amazon in our Motley Fool premium report. Simply click here now to get started.

The relevant video segment can be found between 0:33 and 5:00.

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