N.J. Police Investigated For Gangsta-Style Rap Videos

Maurice Gattison, police officer and rapper
Maurice Gattison, police officer and rapper

In the news business, it's often said that three examples make a trend. If so, it's hard to know what to make of the flurry of police officers under investigation for making racy rap videos. The latest case involves a New Jersey police officer -- also the president of the local police union -- who reportedly made "gangsta"-style rap music videos under the name "Gat The Great."

Narcotics officer Maurice Gattison, pictured, raps in the videos, flanked by three friends, all decorated township officers, The Star-Ledger reports. The videos are now restricted on YouTube, but in the clips posted on the Star-Ledger, Gattison repeatedly uses a gay slur, and refers to himself as a "felon for life." At one point he appears with a gun on his hip, while his buddy waves a medieval mace.