FarmVille 2 Mushroom Shed Quests Part 1: Everything you need to know

We've already taken a complete look at building the Mushroom Shed in FarmVille 2, but what about the four sets of quests that have been released alongside it? This Mushroom Shed is similar to the game's Holiday Tree, in that one set of quests will open up each week throughout this limited time event, and we're here with a complete guide to all four of the quests in Week 1 to help you out. Let's get started!

Sturm and Drang
  • Harvest 20 Blueberries
  • Feed 3 Adult Sheep
  • Complete 40 Actions on Neighbors Farms

Each Blueberry costs 15 coins to plant and takes just two minutes to grow. Meanwhile, adult Sheep take eight hours to become hungry. Finally, feel free to complete any sort of task on your neighbors' farms, so long as you eventually hit 40 in total.

The Delay of Hungry Piggies
  • Ask for 5 Bundles of Straw
  • Make 2 Pieces of Lumber
  • Tend Furnace 2 Times

The Bundles of Straw are earned by posting a general news request to your wall for help, while the Lumber is created in the Crafting Workshop using eight Logs per Lumber. Since crafting items spends Power, you'll be able to tend the Furnace after creating these Pieces of Lumber, so this quest shouldn't take you very long to complete at all.Finer the Bait, Shorter the Wait
  • Harvest 20 Onions
  • Make 2 Half and Halves
  • Make 2 Clamshell Mushroom Broths

The Onions each cost 22 coins each and take 12 hours to grow. Each Half and Half, meanwhile, is created using six Milk bottles in the Crafting Kitchen. Finally, the Clamshell Mushroom Broths are created using three Clamshell Mushrooms and one Broth each. The Clamshell Mushrooms are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors, and the Broth is crafted with three Water and six Onions per batch.

Trick of the Light
  • Tend 5 Orange Trees
  • Make 1 Metal Sheet
  • Make 1 Red Yarn

A Metal Sheet is created in the Crafting Workshop with 10 individual Horseshoes, while the Red Yarn is made with seven Strawberries and five Spun Yarn from the Spinning Wheel. Thankfully, you can work on all four of these quests at the same time, and when you eventually finish off the entire group, you'll receive a free hay decoration for your farm.

There are 28 days left in the rest of this event, and three more sets of four quests each will need to be released during that time period. With so much work ahead of us, it's best to complete as many of these first four quests as we can as quickly as possible. Good luck!

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What do you think of this first set of quests in FarmVille 2's Mushroom Shed? Have you already completed all of them, or are you stuck on one quest in particular? Sound off in the comments!

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