CoasterVille Future City Chapter 1 Quests: Everything you need to know

Most of the item themes in CoasterVille have been focused on time periods of the past, from medieval kingdoms to the wild wild west, but now, it's time to jump way into the future via the launch of "Future City" content in the game. A new inventor by the name of Samantha Clark has joined the game's cast, and she brings with her a shining beacon of progress and hope: the Tower of Tomorrow.

This Future City event is similar to the Frontier or Fantasy events, in that it comes with its own section on the map and chapters to complete. We're here with a look a the first few quests in this event, so let's get started!

Galactic Gala

  • Place the base of the Tower of Tomorrow

This Tower base is massive, so you may need to either expand your park or at least rearrange some items before being able to place it.

A Thrilling Display

  • Get 2 Future Club Passes

  • Place 1 Digitronic Path

  • Have 1 Hologram Show

The Future Club Passes are earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help, while the Digitronic Path piece can added to your park in the same way you add other sidewalks. Either find the path in the store or click on the "Path Tool" within the game's move menu to place it. Finally, the Hologram Show costs 1,760 coins in the store, and it's thankfully shallow enough to fit in the small strip of green land across the street from your park's entrance, if you main park is running out of room.

The base of the Hologram Show requires two clicks to build, along with 450 Thrill Points, 30 Goods, one Inspiration, and one Future Club Pass to actually build. You'll receive 350 coins, 60 Goods, and one Hospitality for completing this quest.

Super Effective

  • Get 3 Stage Lights

  • Spend 3 Gunpowders

  • Get 2 Inspiration

The Stage Lights are earned by posting another general request on your news feed for help. As for the Gunpowders, these are earned by searching the Marshall's Gun Rack store. Finally, the Inspiration can be earned by visiting friends and completing actions in their parks. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 300 coins and 80 Thrill Points.

Future Projections

  • Have 4 Quartz Crystals

  • Place 1 Stacked Cubes

  • Make 1 Hologram Projector

This final quest in the Chapter is the most complicated of the bunch. The Stacked Cubes can be purchase for 1,000 coins in the store, while the Quartz Crystals must be earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help. Finally, the Hologram Projector is created inside the Prop Shop using one Inspiration, four Holographic Films, and four Laser Scopes. You can earn both the Films and the Scopes by asking your friends to send them to you, or you can tend items in your park to earn some of them instead.

The Holographic Films are earned by boosting your Hologram Show item, while the Laser Scopes are earned by searching a Future Gadget Shop. This shop is locked until you've completed just the right quests, so your best bet is to ask your friends to send them to you to finish off this quest. Once you've collected the ingredients, you'll need to wait six hours for the Projector to actually craft. Good luck finishing all of these Chapter 1 Quests in Future City!

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What do you think of this new Future City item theme and quests in CoasterVille? How many of these themed quests have you been able to complete so far? Sound off in the comments!