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GameZone brings you the complete guide on Tomb Raider. Find all the Relics and construct different weapons as Lara goes on her journey to become a hard-boiled survivor.

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Scavenger's Den

After the wonderful cutscene Lara ends up in an uncomfortable position to say the least.

From where you are - it would seem impossible to get out - but there's still always a way. Move left and right to gain momentum and Lara pushes a body bag which is nearby into the fire. Then you need to move left and right for momentum again and make sure that you hit Lara to the beam which is on fire to the left so that she can come loose.

After falling down keep hitting "E" to pull out the iron bar from Lara's stomach. Move ahead to the dead girl who's bound in the air ahead. To the right of the dead girl is a [[TORCH]]. Pick it up and move ahead to the end and hold E to ignite the rubble on fire. Move ahead and you will come into a supplies room after you squeeze in between a narrow gap.

Now hit Q to bring out Lara's Survival Instincts and look above to the left. Move ahead to the fire on the right and light your torch and go to the left and climb the ledge. Light the cloth here on fire and watch the explosion. Move ahead and some guy grabs Lara's feet. Keep hitting left and right movement buttons to escape him and move ahead. Go thru the water and out the cave into the more open area. Your Torch extinguishes here but move thru the water fall here.

Light the fire on your torch and hit Q and you will see two fire poles glow ahead -

Light both the poles on fire and the cage goes up revealing a path. Go on the wood path and you will reach another cave near which you are prompted to push it. If you push it using F then nothing will happen. But look to the left from here and you will see tha cage which had come up earlier. Jump into it and you'll see that some barrels fall into the cage which you can push. Go there and light the barrels on fire and then push the cage and this will open the path ahead.

Go thru it and jump from the edge when you come across gaps. Move ahead and you will come across the guy who was trying to pull you from earlier. Keep tapping left and right and then hit F to kick him when you see the prompt on the screen. If you don't do that on time then well, see what happens. You'll suddenly slide down and will need to climb up. Keep mashing left and right to walk up the slope and when you see a rock coming tumbling down. Hit left or right to move to the sides and avoid the rock. Once you go up, you will have come out onto the shores.

Coastal Forest (South)

Move ahead and you will come across a long since dead body hanging from a tree with a bow attached to it. Move ahead to the small shack and collect the arrows to it's left and climb up the shack. Jump the gap from on top of the shack to the stone platform ahead. Then go right towards the dead body and hit the right button to reach out for it. After you get the Bow pick up the arrows which are to the right here near the tree trunk.

Then get back up on the small shack and continue jumping right till the path ends and you will find another set of arrows here. Move right onto the narrow tree bridge and cross it. Here you will spot Deers. Hold right click to bring up the bow and left click to pull and release. If you don't want to release an arrow after pulling then release the right click. Shoot the Deer once or twice to kill and and look where it fell and remember the place.

Go to the Deer and collect it for XP. You can now hunt animals to gain XP points so be on the lookout for the different animals around. Go back to the campsite when you are done here.

You'll get a radio signal from Roth who asks you to come to him so that the party can gather at one place. Go back to the jungle and you'll see that the shack which was closed earlier is now open.

Go in and down the ladder. Hit Shift to jump down. Move thru and you'll come into a room. Here, salvage the two boxes which are to the left and right on a table. One of them has a [[RELIC]].

Now go light your torch on fire and move left and use instinct. You should be able to see some objects you can burn to the left of the room here. Burn them and go in to find a pry bar. Come out and pry open the next door and go through. Move thru the water and come up on the other side. Soon you'll meet Sam and a new friend.

After Lara wakes up, she has a little Wolf killing to do - you'll get lots of time for it so no need to worry.


Climb the wooden platform near the river and leap over to the other side, then climb the wall to the reach the top of the rock. You'll find [[ARROWS]] and a [[GPS CACHE]] here.

TOTEM - Here's how totems in the game look like -

Look for a [[#1 TOTEM]] hanging from the tree you found the bow in. There are ten of these in the forest, and to get them you'll have to shoot them with your bow.

Spot the overturned truck nearby the river next to where the dead body which had the Bow drops and jump in to find the [[DOCUMENT - #2]].

You can spot [[#2 TOTEM]] on top of the small rocky hill which is hanging on the south side of the small rocky hill in the southwest part of the area, south of the river.

Following the river down, look for a very small wooden walkway adjacent to it, right before the tiny waterfall; the walkway is to the right/south side of the river. On it you'll find a [[GPS CACHE]].

Move around this walkway and you should be able to spot [[#3 TOTEM]] hanging from a tree near this rock hill.

There's a [[#4 TOTEM]] hanging underneath the platform adjacent to the tree bridge. This one is located in the northeast part of the area; look for the tree bridge to the north of the river (look into your map).

A [GPS CACHE] can be found near the small waterfall at the end of the river.

Return to the camp and go back to where you first came from and ook at the trees to the left and spot [[#5 TOTEM]].

Coastal Forest (North)

To the left on the desk is [[DOCUMENT 3]]. Now, light your torch on fire and burn the salvage bag which is hanging to the right of the campfire. You'll get a box which you can salvage. When you salvage enough boxes, you can upgrade your weapons. Now, go along the path and be careful because there are going to be a lot of wolves. When you hear them growl, just hit shift to dodge them and shoot them with an arrow to kill. Go to Whitman who is in front of a ruin and soon you'll be left to search for more salvage.

There a crate to the right from the bottom of the stairs which you can salvage and apart from that go left from the temple and you'll come to a bridge you need to jump to get to the other side. Here you can find three more salvages. To the left from the bridge on top of a high place and to the right from the brige there are two. Just use your instinct to highlight them.

Go back to where Whitman is and you'll find a campsite too. Light it and upgrade the pry and use it to open the door. Follow Whitman inside and watch the cinematics.


Going down the stairs from the base camp, move right/south onto the rocky path to find a [[GPS CACHE]].

Cross the tree (or approach the bridge from the other side) to reach a platform and find the [[DOCUMENT - #1]] on top of the crate.

[[RELIC - #2 NOH MASK]] can be found underneath the nearby bridge. This is in the southeast part of the area(look in your map).

You can find [[#6 TOTEM]] hanging underneath the destroyed bridge which is close to the waterfall on the right side of the area.

From the platform, you can jump on top of the beam of the high bridge arch and move over to reach a tree outpost that contains the [[TREASURE MAP]] of the Coastal Forest area.

There's a [[#7 TOTEM]] hanging underneath the bridge in the center of the area.

The [[#8 TOTEM]] is hanging in a tree just to the left/west of this bridge, across the brook.

[[DOCUMENT - #2 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FILMMAKER)]] can be found left of the statue.

[[#9 TOTEM]] is hanging from the shrine roof to the right.

Keep hugging the west wall while moving north from the shrine to reach a small cave. Inside is [[RELIC - #3 NOH MASKS ]].

East of this cave is a fallen tree, and just east from that is a stone platform with a [GPS CACHE].

You can find the [[DOCUMENT - #1 ENDURANCE OFFICERS]] to the left of the main gate of the temple.

The last [[#10 TOTEM]] can be found hanging to the right of the temple gate, just past the burning barrel.

Mountain Temple

You'll soon come across some Russian Bandits who take everyone captive. Once you gain control of Lara again, move ahead behind the low wall and stay there. Use your instinct and also stay behind cover for long enough so that enemies who are moving can move along clearing a path for you.

Keep moving up and around the obstacles and enemies. Once you reach the top, go right into a small shack (use your intuition to find it.) How ever Gregory here will find you and ask you to come out. This is when a sequence of QTE takes place. First hit F then E then shoot him. If he falls on you then continuously hit the left and right buttons and then keep hitting E and then shoot and his brains blow out (quite literally.)

After Lara Picks herself up, go ahead and keep moving along the open path till you get to the top. You'll encounter a couple of enemies here in slow time. Shoot them and give them headshots for additional Xp.

Move ahead and into the house. Force the door open and inside, kick the boarderd part of the wall and go out. Jump across the gap and move ahead. Here you will see an enemy talking to another one on an elevated platform ahead. Take out your bow and shoot him in the face if you can. Loot him and climb the platform. Collect the ammo here and move ahead and jump across the gap and Lara holds on to a ledge. Move to the right and climb up and you'll come to two enemies. You can use your Bow or Gun, Bow is preferred because you'll get more XP on headshots and silent kills. Take out the first one and then the other will be alerted but give him one in the face and you'll see a third enemy come down a rope ladder ahead, shoot him once to kill him -

Climb the rope and keep going till you get to a campsite. Light the fire for some rest and to hear [[LARA'S JOURNAL]]. Jump into the water and go near the waterfall to find [[DOCUMENT 1 DIARIES OF A MADMAN]].

Go ahead where you'll encounter more enemies. Kill them and go into the open hut to the right. Here you'll come across some burnable stuff and a lantern lit near them. Use your gun or Bow to shoot the lantern. Move in and you can now perform stealth kills. Approach an enemy from behind and hit F then continously tap E to kill him.

There are more ahead so just keep killing them and keep going till you come out to a Zipline-

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