Trim Your Travel Costs by Booking Lodging on Airbnb -- Savings Experiment

Savings Experiment: Vitamins
Savings Experiment: Vitamins

Hotels can put a serious dent in your travel budget, but these days there are ways you can find great lodging for cheap. All you have to do is look online.

Thanks to websites like Airbnb, you can stay in some of the best places in the world for a fraction of the price of a hotel. The site offers an easy-to-use interface -- you just need to choose a destination and enter your travel dates to see what's available.

The listings range from a shared room to an entire house, so there's something for every person and every budget. Read the fine print, though. Airbnb charges a flat fee on top of your rental, and renters may add hidden charges like damage deposits and cleaning fees to your bill. Some spaces may not offer linens either, so you might have to bring your own sheets and towels.

To truly find the best deal for you, read reviews and contact owners directly with any questions that aren't answered in the listing. You want to make sure you're aware of any deal-breaking inconveniences, and be confident that you're getting exactly what you want.

So, when it comes time to book your next trip, consider using a social lodging website to find a place to stay. Not only is it easy to book, but it can significantly cut the cost of a cozy room.