Reporter Receives Call From Mom During Live News Report

Have you ever received a poorly timed personal call at work? You're about to close a deal, when your child's principal calls, informing you that a photo of your daughter, scantily clad, is circulating around middle school? You're getting a disastrous job-performance review, when your hubby calls to say that he loves you? Well, take some consolation in the fact that your ill-timed call wasn't caught on video.

On Friday, news crews swarmed the busiest mall in Brisbane, Australia, after a gunman was reported on the loose. Reporters breathlessly updated the public of every move, as scores of police surrounded the man in a tense standoff. One of those reporters, for Sky News, was relaying the action from photos on a phone, handed to him by a crew member.

"He's surrounded by police," he explains, examining the picture on the phone. "They're holding their guns up."

The reporter then decided to share the photo with audiences directly, bringing the phone up close to the camera lens. And then ... well, you can watch the tape.