'Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures' domains are things that exist

Plants Vs Zombies Adventures
Plants Vs Zombies Adventures

It seems that publisher EA has registered domains for a potential upcoming installment in the Plants Vs Zombies franchise. The anonymous video game info leak extraordinaire known as Superannuation found that several domain names now exist for such a game, namely PlantsVsZombiesAdventures.com, PlantsVsZombiesAdventure.com and pvZadVentures.com.

Of course, as Joystiq points out, these domain registrations mean next to nothing without an actual game announcement. What we do know is that Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is on the way, slated for a late Spring 2013 release. But whether these domains have anything to do with that announcement made last summer is yet to be seen. Here's to hoping this is something to hold us over until then, because we're just about jonesing for some more foliage-on-functioning corpse action.

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