Review: MLB 13 The Show on Vita falls short of a home run

MLB 13 The Show reviewAnyone who enjoys baseball games already knows Sony's MLB The Show franchise is the game to own--that is, if you own a PlayStation console. MLB 13 The Show once again proved to be solid play on the PlayStation 3, but what about on Sony's handheld system?

As with previous installments, MLB 13 The Show launched simultaneously on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, bringing most of the console version's impressive features to the mobile device. All of the marquee modes are included, such as the signature Road to the Show and Franchise modes, the new Post Season and The Show Live modes, and even a Cross-Play online Home Run Derby. Even better, with cross-platform play, you're able to save your progress in any of these modes on the cloud and continue playing whether on the road with the Vita or at home with the PS3. The only downside is that MLB 13 The Show doesn't take advantage of Sony's Cross-Buy promotion, meaning you'll have to pay twice for what is basically the same game.

Gameplay on the Vita does do a good job replicating that of the PS3 version, but it's far from a perfect transition. There is some slight framerate delay; it shouldn't affect gameplay too much, but it's just enough to be noticeable. Pitching and hitting function the same way as the console version (pulse pitching and batting zones), but the Vita's tight thumbsticks do make it difficult to aim precisely. The change is jarring at first, but the adjustment period is very short--maybe a few pitches or swings.

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