Arena.Net keeps pushing out new content for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2Ever since its release in November, Guild Wars 2 has been going through a lot of changes within the first 6 months of introduction. I'm not sure whether this is a frantic push to keep things interesting or sheer boredom on the dev teams, but they're going for the gold it seems. The current living story event, Flame & Frost has been adding more and more content since January, currently sitting at the half-way point in the story.

Flame & Frost has added a new story line implying that the Flame Legion, the antagonistic fire-worshipping Charr, and the Dredge, a tyrannical mole-like people, have joined forces to try and conquer the Northern regions, forcing other races to seek refuge in the south. As a part of the fighting force of players, you'll be tasked with driving this incursion back so that prosperity can continue in the north... well, as much as one can expect as we've still got one of the world-ending dragons living up there.

Some new additions and changes have cropped up in the mean time, though sadly, none of which included a P2P trade system, or Guild Halls for that matter. Still, those that have come to fruition are nice little additions, no less.

Daily achievements have changed a bit, mainly with the PvE Daily's, as now you have a larger variety to choose from for specific PvE events, allowing you to do things like killing a Champion-grade monster, to gathering so many materials. Along with the Living Story portion is the addition of the Living Story achievement which when completed earns you rewards and titles, as a part of the current Flame & Frost event, you'll be helping refugees and fighting off conquering forces. With completing comes earning a new currency called Laurels which allow you to purchase items from specific Laurel vendors, from special infusions, armors, and other such items. You'll gain one laurel per completed daily achievement, and 10 laurels per one completed monthly achievement.

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