FarmVille 2: Earn free rewards by not playing the game

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FarmVille 2 can earn free items by actually not playing the game? That's right, as Zynga now offers players a chance to earn free bonus items for watching ads within the game. These free reward opportunities appear after you've left FarmVille 2 idle for a few moments, similarly to how ads appear at random in CastleVille when you haven't made an action in some time.

Here, you're given a choice as to whether or not you'd like the ad to play, and you're told beforehand what the prize will be if you choose to do so. For instance, you may receive a 10-Pack of Power points for the game's Crafting Kitchen or Crafting Workshop, all for letting an ad appear on your screen. Most freebies will appear automatically within the game and bounce into your inventory, but if you ever feel you haven't earned something you deserve, try refreshing the game to see if that puts things back in order.

If nothing else, this is definitely a better way to implement ads in Facebook games than the way Zynga currently uses them in other games (again, like in CastleVille). Here, players can choose to skip the ad altogether by closing the pop-up, but we're also given incentive in the form of otherwise premium items for going along with the plan. If and when any other freebie opportunities pop up in FarmVille 2, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of these new ad / reward opportunities in FarmVille 2? Would you be willing to watch ads while playing FarmVille 2 if you received free items for your farm in exchange? Sound off in the comments!

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